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Here is a bit of useful information regarding our product line. 

Why put primer on a house before you paint it? Because the end result is much better, higher quality, and longer lasting. Same with Backbone and Hung. Hung will work, but it will work better, last longer, and at a higher quality when Backbone is used daily.
What is Hung? Hung isn’t just a single use erection enhancement pill; it is an enhancement system designed to improve the customer’s overall sexual well-being.

Backbone A once daily (30-count bottle) male supplement.


HUNG A one-time, as needed “booster.”


Both work individually, but they work MUCH better when paired together. The foundation of the system is Backbone. Backbone is taken once a day, similar to a vitamin, to support overall sexual confidence, preparedness, and performance. Backbone’s effects may be seen in a few days, but maximum benefits occur after taking the pill consistently for a minimum of 60 days (two 30-count Backbone bottles). Customers may experience improved blood flow, sexual receptiveness, and erotic energy while taking Backbone, along with possible perceived size, strength, and stamina increases. All current and future components of the Hung system work best when used alongside Backbone.


Hung is a single use pill designed to heighten a sexual encounter. It is fast acting and does not cause headaches. It should be taken before intercourse and will remain in the customer’s system for 2 to 3 days. Hung is the highest quality, highest caliber enhancement pill made from premium ingredients. While powerful and effective in its own right, when paired with a daily regimen of Backbone, Hung provides an unparalleled experience


Hung and Backbone are both made in the USA.


Who is the target user? The packaging and marketing of the Hung system is uniquely appealing to younger customers who want an extra, exciting boost in the bedroom.