Hung Pipe Wipe 16 Count Box | Men's Refreshing Cleansing Towelette
Hung Pipe Wipe Single Packets | Disposable Towelette for Men
Hung Pipe Wipe 16 Count Box | Refreshing Mint and Lime Towelette for Men
Hung Pipe Wipe Single Packet Front and Back | The Best Wipe to Polish Your Pipe
Hung Pipe Wipe Single Packet with Torn Top |  Male Hygiene for Anywhere You Like
Hung Pipe Wipe Towelette | Mint and Lime Male Hygiene Wipe

HUNG Pipe Wipe - Mint (16 Count)

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These fresh, moist Pipe Wipes were created with male hygiene in mind, for pre or post sexy time. Keep your junk minty fresh, clean and ready for a close-up! Formulated with Aloe, Chamomile and Honeysuckle to soothe and balance your nether regions. The Mint & Lime scent will leave big Jim and the twins smelling so fresh and so clean, clean!  Our individually wrapped wipes are great on the go and may be carried in your pocket, wallet or backpack. Great for everyday use at work, the gym, traveling, or anywhere you may need to freshen up! Bring along a Pipe Wipe for your Hands, Face, Pits, Pipe or anywhere you like!